Independent reviews from customers using the Dutch Master Commercial Edition products!

--- Infinite Wellness Center, Colorado ---

"The product is cured / packaged and the results are in! Each final weight is from one 4x4 Botanicare white hydro tray.

These plants were flowered next to each other with identical environment. 

My Bruce Banner strain yielded 1245 grams=2.78 lbs

Dutch Masters Nutrients Bruce Banner 1303 grams= 2.91 lbs

My Alchemy strain yielded 1147 grams= 2.56 lbs

Dutch Master Nutrients Alchemy 1291 grams= 2.88 lbs

Dutch Masters Wins at 202 grams more! almost 1/2 lb More.

The fact that the recipe is easy without tons of extra additives to buy is a huge time and money saver.  These nutrients in the growing tables and reservoirs were the cleanest cycle we've ever ran. No clogging of air stones,  minimal scrubbing after harvest.  My wash tech loves you guys.

I was very impressed at the quality of bud produced by Dutch.  We have been testing and implementing new supplements for years and The Dutch Masters Media Feed Commercial edition has truly earned a badge of excellence in our grow.  Large healthy early growth in flower cycle.  Big healthy broad fan leaves.  The size and density of bud really comes out in week 6-8 with swelled calyx bursting with pistils.  The aromatics of terpenes in the finished product are top notch and frosty bud makes this top shelf product all day long.

Our company was just bought by a larger company.  I will push for the use of Dutch Masters since seeing results and data is believing."


--- East Coast Botanicals ---

"I had to take a moment to write you.

I just finished testing your new commercial line for the first time and the results were AMAZING!

I must admit I was a little skeptical at first. Usually when nutrient companies drop "New and Improved" products, it's basically the same product in a new bottle, but.. it's twice the price!

The crop I just finished was without a doubt the MOST RESINOUS crop I've ever had. It was seriously DRIPPING in trichomes.

Don't even get me started on the smell, OH. MY. GOD!!

I've used Dutch Master's gold line (great stuff by the way), Advanced Nutrients full Grand Master line, DNF, Advanced Nutrients Organic line, General Hydroponics full Flora line, and a couple other. NOTHING EVEN CAME CLOSE!!! 
I truly believe you've got the best product out there, and at a steal of a price!

I'm never going back, DUTCH MASTER FOR LIFE!!!



--- Manastash Gardens, Washington ---

"I have been a long time user of General Hydroponics and was doing a trial with GH vs Dutch Master Nutrients Commercial Edition Aqua Feed and additives and stopped the trial halfway through to switch completely over to Dutch Master because the Commercial Edition had almost doubled its root mass than what I normally see with GH. I've been following the DM feed chart and at 3 weeks before harvest my flowers are the same size as what we usually harvest finished. Plus I am able to be in contact with the owner of Dutch Master for in depth product knowledge and advice which is good to know. Thanks DM!"


"We just started using Dutch Master Zone and have already noticed an increase in our root health and reduction in algae growth. The root masses have nearly doubled in size and have never looked so healthy and white.  The bigger the roots, the bigger the buds/yield. In my opinion, Dutch Master ZONE KICKS ASS!!!"


--- THG Grow, California ---

"My experience growing with Dutch Master products has been incomparable to that of any other product line on the market. Starting from a small 2 light tent set up and going through many different brands,  to now, many large scale set ups, Dutch Master has out lasted the competition in quality, consistency and providing my gardens with a healthy and clean environment. Not only have my gardens flourished with Dutch Master products but my referrals of the product to my colleagues have done them well also. Dutch Master has ensured, from beginning to end, my gardens produce a clean and dense quality product that is not going to kill your pockets in the process.

The new Commercial Edition has come out the box and has put the Dutch Master brand on the highest pedestal. From heavy trichome production to dense flowers for heavy yield,  with out using any external PGR ripening products.  If you haven't tried this new Commercial Edition yet, it would be in yours, your gardens and your pockets best interest to get going. #proudDMUser!"


--- Contender Gardens, Washington ---

"I'm a Licensed I502 grower in WA using Dutch Master Commercial Edition Media Feed + whole range of additives in a controlled greenhouse and I'm loving the lush green results. I have really dialed in this nutrient program and if the plants are happy the grower is happy."


"Hey, I hope you remember me. Just FYI, I used the Gold series and had , what I thought great results. BUT, after a full "cycle" with the Commercial, I have to tell you somthing... I am way impressed. DM keeps talking about the above ground performance , but, seriously, the roots , the roots are amazing, not only how many, but the size, like main root systems, I have never seen that before. Great job DM!"