Liquid vs Powder

Which fertilizer type is better for the commercial production of our favorite plants - liquid or powder? 

Great question! Let’s break it down. 

Many commercial growers believe that powdered fertilizers are:
a) cheaper than liquid fertilizers
b) do just as good a job
c) are easier to handle/mix

This may be true with some brands of liquid fertilizers, however Dutch Master Nutrients is in a class of its own - keep reading to find out why...

Powder fertilizers can be purchased as individual elements N, K, P, Ca, Mg, S, Fe, Zn, etc., as macro and micro elements, and mixed in specific ratios suitable for the crop/growth phase at hand. Another option is to buy a 3 or 4 part powder pack that has pre-mixed elements in each part to simplify the mixing into water.

Let’s discuss both powder options as listed above.

Firstly, if mixing individual elements you will need to have some good chemical knowledge to avoid some pretty nasty pitfalls that can cause major damage to your plants! In reality, the person tasked with the ongoing duty of mixing powder nutes should have a decent understanding of chemistry and potentially biochemistry. Many things can go wrong! It’s not just as simple as weighing X amount of an element and throwing it in the water. Some elements are antagonists and can react aggressively with others rendering some unavailable creating deficiencies, and solution pH is also critical to maintain harmony within the mix. Things can really go south in a hurry if left in the hands of a novice! Remember, we’re not growing produce worth only few $ per pound!

Just as mixing individual elements is tedious and time consuming, pre-packaged 3 or 4 part powders also requires diligence and potentially some basic chemistry knowledge to help avoid certain pitfalls associated with mixing nutrients. They are much easier to ‘get right’ than mixing individual elements but things can still go seriously sideways in the hands of the wrong person. Also, keep in mind you will pay a premium to have the fertilizer manufacturer combine the powders into less parts.

A very important, and commonly overlooked issue with powders is the level of quality. Cheaper elements like Tech grade, or Agriculture grade elements are cheap for a reason! They contain impurities that your plants DO NOT WANT! Excess sodium (salt) and unwanted heavy metals are prevalent in the cheaper grades of powders! Did you ever wonder why most, if not all nutrient manufacturers do not offer their heavy metal reports for their fertilizers on their website?

Dutch Master Nutrients does! They can be found on our Downloads page for your convenience! You will see that all our products contain zero detected unwanted heavy metals as a result of using high quality elements like U.S. pharmaceutical or reagent grade - something we here at Dutch Master Nutrients are extremely proud of! Please remember that our favorite plant is also known as an excellent ‘accumulator’ and accordingly is used in areas of toxic disaster to clean/rid the soil of things like radio-active elements and super toxic heavy metals. If you feed them heavy metals you will smoke heavy metals - PERIOD! A study performed on tobacco plants showed that on average 6 - 24% of the heavy metals in the tobacco leaf were also found in the smoke therefrom! Gnarly!!

A good plant-specific nutrition regime is quite simply an investment in the quality and quantity of the product you are producing. It’s not rocket science people - athletes need a specialized diet to produce their best results possible, Formula 1 cars need a specialized fuel to maximize production of power, just as a plant will grow to its genetic best when its nutritional needs are totally optimized.

Dutch Master Nutrients amazing Commercial Edition range of nutrients and additives is quite literally Formula 1 nutrition designed specifically for our favorite plant! What makes it so different to powder fertilizers? It’s the little things that make a big difference! For example, select amino acids that not only support and boost internal plant processes but also act as a powerful chelator actually supercharging the uptake of many elements - especially calcium! We also include certain B and C vitamins to boost the immune system against environmental stresses. Studies have shown that vitamin C is super important both as an antioxidant and also for increased growth! Essential oil precursors are also part of our formulations. These are food grade additives also used in human feed products but have a completely different effect on plants. They induce a SAR (systemic acquired resistance) response within the plant bolstering its immune/defense system, which, in the case of our favorite plant, means more trichomes because trichomes (resin, crystals, sugar, stickyicky) are actually a part of the plants defense mechanism! God Bless!!

All Dutch Master base nutrients contain amino’s, carb’s, vitamins and essential oil precursors which is very rare as typical nutrient manufacturers (General Hydroponics, Advanced Nutrients, Emerald Harvest, Cyco Nutrients etc.) only include macro and micro elements in their base fertilizers. This, together with huge discounts for commercial growers and free delivery to your door, means our pricing is on par with powders and our nutes are far superior and way easier to use than powders - just follow our simple feed charts or nutrient calculator.

So as you can see, there is a definite science to high performance plant nutrition and Dutch Master Nutrients is always at the cutting edge to offer the latest technologies to our customers! We have taken all the hard work and guessing out of getting it right, so you can now focus on growing big dank flowers! Commercial growers should register for Wholesale Prices and get up to 40% off MSRP!

Happy and Healthy growing folks!