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  • Which grow media and grow style and grow system is best?

  • What’s the difference between indica vs sativa?

  • Which nutrients are best - inorganic vs organic?

  • Medical vs recreational - what’s the difference?

  • Which horticultural grow lights are best - LED vs HPS vs MH vs CMH?

  • Foliar spraying vs root feeding - what’s the difference?

  • Does carbon dioxide increase yields and shorten grow cycles?

  • Recirculating vs drain to waste systems - what’s the difference?

  • Hydroponics vs organics - what’s the difference and which is best for you?

  • What are heavy metals and how can I avoid them?

  • How do I calculate power and water usage in my production facility?

  • What is lean manufacturing and how do I best implement it?

So many confusing questions and this is just the tip of the iceberg - but I can help you decide!  As the founding President of Dutch Master nutrients and additives since 1998, I have had the pleasure, privilege and fortune of traveling the world growing and talking with experts for over 30 years!

Many growers don’t realize that as the owner of Dutch Master I also owned the world’s then 2 largest retail hydroponic equipment supply stores (each 20,000sf drive thru) in Adelaide South Australia in the mid 90’s, while also owning Australia’s then largest hydroponic wholesale distribution company selling hydro equipment to stores right across Australia.

In 2012 I decided to move my Australian operations to Washington State U.S.A. to take advantage of the new initiative 502 recreational laws.  In 2013 we applied for and received a tier 3 producer and processor license which allowed us to grow up to 30,000sf of flower canopy! It was Utopia!

WSLCB Licensing

Imagine flowering out 40 different strains all at once!  To be honest, it was quite a handful. We had high CBD strains that really didn’t like strong ppm’s or photons through to Cal-Mag hungry girls that seemed to mainline as much as we gave them!  This was the perfect setting to finalize dialing in our all new Dutch Master Commercial Edition nutrients and additives that we were about to release to the growers around the world! Finally, I was able to call myself a true commercial grower.  The research and development options were off the chart! I tested a bunch of different lights - LED vs single ended HPS vs double ended HPS vs MH (5000K - 10000K) vs CMH (3000K and 4000K) while also testing grow media’s - coco coir vs soilless (Promix HP) vs RDWC vs rockwool vs growstones.  I even did some serious breeding creating my very own super potent strains in-house prior to selling our license in 2017 to focus on making Dutch Master Nutrients the #1 go to for specialty plant nutrition globally!

Now I’m offering my expertise to commercial and domestic growers worldwide who want to make sure they are getting it right the first time!  If done wrong, it can be a very costly exercise indeed! After all, we want to grow the fastest, the stickiest, the heaviest, the smelliest, the tastiest, the biggest and the most potent flowers possible!  

That’s where I can help!  I’m offering my decades of experience to you so you can benefit through increased yields and quality while reducing costs and inputs.  Whether you’re a commercial grower or a hobbyist, I know I can help!

I can discuss your needs via phone, video call or onsite.  

You will note that video (Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime etc.) and phone consultations can be purchased in 30 minute blocks as a minimum.

For onsite service, please email your contact details through the Contact Us on our website and I’ll arrange a free 15 minute initial phone meeting to go over your requirements and discuss fees.

Note:  Customers committed to using Dutch Master Nutrients as their fertilizer brand of choice will receive discounted rates for consultation.  Please discuss discount structures with management. See Schedule Of Fees below.

Schedule Of Fees:

Phone/Video Consultation Calls:
$60 per 30 minute block minimum.

Onsite Consultation Service:
Costs of direct First/Business class flights, reasonable accommodation, hire car/taxi/Uber and modest daily living expenses based on location. 
Consultation Service fee to be quoted.


Craig Gribble
Dutch Master Nutrients LLC

DISCLAIMER: Dutch Master Nutrients LLC including its employees will only provide consultation services to legal domestic and commercial producers and may require applicable regulatory or licensure proof prior to the commencement of consultation.  Dutch Master Nutrients LLC including its employees applies no warranty as to the successful application or implementation of any or all advice given.