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Available in the following size bundles, delivered to your door in discreet packaging:
Note:  Zone is not included in the bundles and must be purchased separately.

1 QT Bundle Includes:  1 QT of Coir Feed Micro, Grow, Bloom, Sila-Guard, Cal-Mag, Trich-XL, Saturator plus 8 OZ of pH Up & pH Down.
1 GAL Bundle Includes:  1 GAL of Coir Feed Micro, Grow, Bloom, Sila-Guard, Cal-Mag, Trich-XL, Saturator plus 1 QT of pH Up & pH Down.

Coir Feed® is a finely-filtered liquid nutrient package containing a full suite of high quality, pharmaceutical grade, macro and micro elements specifically designed for high-performance hydroponics growing with coconut coir media in drain to waste and ebb and flow systems.  Coir Feed® is specially balanced with extra calcium and magnesium and slightly less potassium to accommodate coconut coir’s CEC (cation exchange capacity) properties.  The Coir Feed® Grow formulation includes select multiple essential carbohydrates, vitamins, L-amino acids, SAR-inducing (systemic acquired resistance) and essential oil boosting precursors as well as organic chelators for maximum elemental uptake.

Sila-Guard® is a finely-filtered, SAR (systemic acquired resistance) inducing, growth enhancing aqueous source of potassium silicate, also known as silicic acid, that provides plants with the essential element - silicon (Si).  Potassium silicate works to naturally build the plant’s immunity to disease, fungal and chewing insect attack and plays an active role in disease resistance by strengthening and stimulating the plant’s own immune system.  Potassium silicate is safe, non-toxic and approved for use on agricultural crops, fruits, nuts and vines by the EPA to be used as a fungicide, insecticide and miticide and is best used as a combination root and foliar feed as part of an ongoing preventative, broad spectrum, IPM (integrated pest management) program.

Increased levels of silicon will improve upright stem stature and strength, greatly reducing bud flop. Silicon supplementation is also scientifically proven to a) help plants tolerate cold, heat and drought, relieving biotic and abiotic environmental stresses and b) greatly reduce the incidence of fungal (powdery mildew, bud rot, etc) and insect (mites, whiteflies, gnats, aphids, etc) attack, while also providing increased photosynthesis which naturally increases plant growth rates.  Sila-Guard® is a cost effective, must-have additive for all growers and is designed to be used as both a root feed and foliar spray, with the lights on, to maximize silicon uptake and help prevent deficiencies.

Cal-Mag® has been formulated using multiple high-end sources of select calcium plus magnesium, nitrogen, chelated iron and specialized select organic amino chelators that exponentially increase calcium uptake by binding and protecting it from other nutrient elements until delivered well inside the plant.  Calcium and magnesium, next to nitrogen, are the two main elements that plants are most often deficient in due to the plant’s insatiable appetite for them.

Cal-Mag® will strengthen branches and increase dry weight while maintaining the correct elemental balance, especially for those strains that exhibit the need for heavy Cal-Mag® feeding.  Calcium is also crucial to a plant’s defense against fungal attacks by resisting the internal spread of pathogens (root rot, bud rot, powdery mildew) due to calcium increasing cellular wall strength.  The calcium to magnesium ratio has been calculated to be most effective for a balanced uptake making Dutch Master® Commercial Edition® Cal-Mag® the strongest, most concentrated, best-value calcium and magnesium additive available!

Cal-Mag® is a super cost effective, vital additive for all growers and is designed to be used as both a root feed and foliar spray, with the lights on, to maximize uptake and help prevent calcium and magnesium deficiencies.  Remember - calcium is king!

Trich-XL® is a specialized trichome-increasing formula containing select chelated minerals, naturally-occurring bioorganics, metabolites and precursors targeted at improving both trichome production and potency.  The synergistic combination of these elements will also enhance chlorophyll production and photosynthesis resulting in increased dry-weight yields while eliciting secondary SAR (systemic acquired resistance) inducing effects, helping protect the plant from pathogenic bacterial, viral and fungal (bud rot, root rot and powdery mildew) attacks.  Along with an additional suite of specific carbohydrates, vitamins, L-amino’s and trace elements, Trich-XL® also acts as a well-rounded biotic and abiotic stress and micro-deficiency reliever.

Trich-XL® is a first-pick additive for every grower and is designed to be used as a regular root feed and also a foliar spray (with the lights on) to defend against pathogens and the environment, help prevent micronutrient deficiencies and increase end-product bag appeal.

Saturator® is back and better than ever!  The new improved Commercial Edition® Saturator® is a concentrated, finely filtered, nutrient delivery agent designed to greatly enhance elemental uptake when sprayed on leaves with the lights on, added to your root fed nutrient solution and is compatible with most nutrients, additives, pesticides and fungicides.  Saturator® was developed through trials in the Bio-Imaging department at UBC (University of British Columbia) where fluorescent radio-active tags were attached to carbohydrate molecules and both root and foliar fed to plants for 20 hours, with and without Saturator®, then viewed using confocal microscopy to track elemental translocation (flow) throughout the plant.

Dutch Master® scientists, in conjunction with UBC staff, proved that incorporating Saturator® along with your root and foliar fed nutrients, additives, pesticides and fungicides will greatly increase elemental saturation within the plants cells!  Saturator® is especially good at wetting 100% of your pot media, reducing media compaction, and dispersing the nutrients evenly throughout the root zone.  Perfect for flushing media in pots and trays between reservoir changes and an absolute must for that final pre-harvest flush when you’re trying to get that clean taste from your flowers!  Add Saturator® to your foliar sprays to prevent or remedy nutrient deficiencies real fast.  Spray with the lights on!

The Coir Feed® hydroponic nutrient elemental ratio has been calculated to synergistically include use with Commercial Edition® Sila-Guard®, Cal-Mag®, Trich-XL®, Zone® and Saturator® as a balanced, high-purity, complete nutrition formulation guaranteeing a maximum yield, optimal plant health, growth and increased trichome production.  No need for anything else!

The Dutch Master® Commercial Edition® is a range of advanced nutrients and additives suitable for both professional and general hydroponics growers and is proudly manufactured in Chicago U.S.A. in an ISO 9001, ISO 13485 (medical manufacturer) and ISO 14001 (green manufacturing practices) certified facility - a world first in our community!

Usage & Mixing Instructions:

See Usage Instructions & Tips for in-depth root & foliar feed directions and advanced growing advice, and Feed Charts for recommended nutrient and additive dilution rates.  Shake before use.  Never mix undiluted nutrients or additives together as precipitation (fallout) will occur rendering some nutritive elements unavailable to plants potentially creating deficiencies.  Dutch Master® converts EC to ppm using x0.50 calculation.  See PPM vs EC in the growers guide. Reduce Cal-Mag® by 1mL per gal/4L for every 200ppm/0.4EC found in hard well or tap water.

Add separately to water while stirring, beginning with Sila-Guard®, then Cal-Mag®, followed by Micro, Grow, Bloom, Trich-XL®, Zone® then Saturator® last until you reach desired EC/ppm - measuring preferably using a calibrated meter.  To increase nutrient EC/ppm strength, increase dosage volume of Micro, Grow and Bloom maintaining recommended dilution ratios.  To decrease nutrient EC/ppm strength, dilute by adding more water.  Finally, check pH and adjust accordingly.

Dutch Master® recommends maintaining Coir Feed® nutrient solution pH between 5.6-6.2.  When making a fresh nutrient solution, adjust the pH to 5.6 as pH may rise over time. If the pH of your nutrient solution approaches 6.2 and it’s not time to drain and refresh the entire nutrient solution in the system, slowly add a little Dutch Master® Commercial Edition® pH Down while stirring and checking with a calibrated pH meter to achieve 5.6pH.  Remember, adding pH Down is also adding phosphorus so be diligent with its use.  For the longest product shelf life, store nutrients and additives with a sealed cap in a cool, dark, dry area.

We’re currently accepting orders within the United States only - International fulfillment coming soon!