craig-saturator-55gal.jpgTHAT WAS THEN 

Dutch Master® nutrients is a family owned and operated brand of specialty fertilizers originally launched in Adelaide South Australia in 1998 by sole founding owner Craig Gribble.  At that time, Craig was also the owner of the worlds largest, hydroponic-specific, drive-thru retail gardening stores (20,000sf each) and also Australia’s largest wholesale distribution operation.  After establishing his first North American distribution operation in Vancouver Canada in 2003, Craig began to roll out his Dutch Master® products to excited gardeners across Canada and the United States, followed soon after in 2006 with sales across Europe.


Fast forward to 2012 - Craig knew it was time to change the game and establish Dutch Master® headquarters on the ground in the U.S. to take advantage of the upcoming recreational laws, allowing legal ground breaking research and development of the soon to be released, all-new Commercial Edition® range of cutting edge plant-specific fertilizers.  It was at this time that Craig decided to apply for a Washington State issued producer/processor license to enable the final testing of the next-level Dutch Master® Commercial Edition® nutrients and additives, then about to be released to both commercial and domestic growers across the U.S.. It was the most amazing time with over 40 different strains flowering at once! We grew everything from sativa dominant to indica dominant, along with high THC and high CBD strains; they all required dialing in with different fertilizer and levels of lighting. Craig also tested various grow systems, media and lighting including LED’s that we manufactured in-house. His commercial growing facility produced astounding research and development results and established Craig, and his products, at the leading edge of the new movement! 


In 2015 Dutch Master® manufacturing was established in Chicago at an ISO 9001, 14001 and 13485 certified medical manufacturing facility, using pharmaceutical grade ingredients finely filtered to 0.5 microns, to provide the cleanest possible fertilizers that are free of unwanted heavy metals, PGR’s and pesticides. Stringent freeze/thaw and long term heat tests of all products were performed guaranteeing growers of absolute consistency in a product resulting in the worlds highest quality, plant-specific fertilizers! This translates across to consumer confidence because they know that Dutch Master® grown plants are the cleanest, healthiest flowers available today!

Based on the U.S. west coast, Craig now offers his consulting services to commercial operations nationwide, helping guide them through best practices for consistent flower quality, troubleshoot plant nutrition deficiencies and advise on recommended environmental, systematic and nutrition regimes and advancements to ensure healthy, clean flower production.

Today, Dutch Master® products can be purchased direct from our secure online store at guaranteeing customers of the freshest possible products and discreet shipping direct to their door. The new Dutch Master® website is loaded with dialed in feed charts, master grower tips, a super advanced nutrient calculator and a commercial grower  displaying their quality flowers grown using Dutch Master® nutrients.  Seeing is believing!

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